Aliens of New Mexico

Are there aliens, or are we alone in the universe? If yes, how do they look like? Is there extraterrestrial life? It’s surely the biggest question which scientists still didn’t answer. People are usually imagining them as small green creatures with huge eyes and elongated heads. Where do they live? Are they hiding in underground oceans? Is there a possibility of life on the moons of gas giants; Jupiter and Saturn? Or are they simply hiding in their cool spaceships waiting for a chance to destroy the humans?

Some people are strongly convinced that they are dangerous and they can harm people, as their plan is to increase its population and harm ecosystems in its range. It’s also believed that they are responsible for 40 percent of all animal extinctions, and also affected climate change. But how can we be sure they exist? Are they any significant proves? Thousands and thousands of UFO Reports have been donated to the University of Manitoba in Canada, so yes we can claim that the truth is somewhere here, closer than we think.

The Roswell case

One of the most popular UFO cases happened in mid-1947, known as The Roswell case when the United States Army Air Forces balloon crashed in a ranch near New Mexico. Roswell is a city in the southeastern part of New Mexico, and lies along the Hondo River, with a population of 48,411 (2010) which makes it the fifth-largest city in New Mexico. Traces of metal debris scattered across the field were found by farmers William “Mac” Brazel and his neighbor Dee Proctor, and the restoration was handled by the US Roswell Local Air Force Airport.

There are many other UFO cases, such as The Levelland UFO case in 1957, The Falcon Lake incident in 1967. Although The Roswell case is one of the best-documented and most notorious events of the modern ufology, although some may believe it is just one big conspiracy. Even if you are a doubter of the “Roswell Incident” there are interesting details about the incident.

Some witnesses gave descriptions of humanoid alien bodies with large heads, and eyes and the other describes things like memory metal at the Roswell site and a ship that had no engine.

In the early ’90s, the Roswell incident film came out, but it’s believed to be a fraud. It showed an autopsy of a humanoid being lying on the operating table, which on the other hand has never been proven.

So there is a question still remaining; what really happened at Roswell?